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Christos was born and raised in a mainland... Read more
Christos was born and raised in a mainland city of Northern Greece. It was an odd twist of fate that brought him to Mykonos, the Cycladic Island of Winds in the late 90’s and since then, he set off on a trip to catering which turned out to be a lifetime journey as a Private Chef.

For many years, Christos traveled in mainland Greece and the Aegean Islands, enjoying the intoxicating mix of grandeur and simplicity of the Greek cuisine.

Twenty years later, Christos still strives each day to be a persuasive supporter of using fresh raw materials, and an opponent of the processed food industry. Fortunately, Greek cuisine offers the ideal platform from which to demonstrate the health and culinary benefits of using fresh, locally produced ingredients in cooking.

No extravagant decorations or fancy techniques are necessary for Christos when he prepares his menus. Just the simple and magnificent traditional family food that has fed generations through Greece’s long culinary history using five key elements: fresh ingredients, traditional herbs and spices, world famous Greek olive oil, a simple taste and an unparalleled love of food. The final product is food that is genuine and unique in both aroma and flavour.

Having travelled literaly everywhere in the country and gained invaluable culinary experiences, Christos is now excited to act as your very own Private Chef for your Villa or any other suitable venue in Rethymno, where he now resides with his family.

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*Booking with us in advance contributes greatly to the smooth running of our services to you.

*There is flexibility and a possibility to change any of the menus according to your needs and preferences. Check our menus here.

*Cooperation with a bartender is possible in case you wish a party to take place at your villa.

*For special offers and weekly menus, please do not hesitate to come in contact with us.

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