Cocktail Party Menu

The Cocktail Party Menu includes:

  1. Dakos
  2. Meatballs platter with mustard and honey sauce
  3. Bruschetta with cold cut
  4. Bruschetta with salmon
  5. Bruschetta Mediterranean
  6. Feta cheese with green and black olives marinated in olive oil and oregano
  7. Cucumber with cream cheese and salmon
  8. Cucumber with feta cheese and tomato
  9.  Rolled Arab pie with turkey
  10.  Rolled Arab pie vegan
  11.  Salmon with cream cheese and caviar
  12.  Stick vegetables with Greek yoghurt sauce
  13.  Marinated green salad
  14.  Iceberg salad
  15.  Anchovy tapas
  16.  Cheese and cold cuts platter
  17.  Crackers
  18.  Small sandwiches with chicken marinated in balsamic vinegar
  19.  Small croissants with cream cheese and sun dried tomato