Vegan / Monastery Orthodox Menu 6 Persons

The Vegan / Monastery Orthodox Menu includes:

Appetizer (per 4 persons)

  • Variety with olives, potato salad, boiled vegetables and seasonal local greens

Salad (per 4 persons)

  • Black eyed peas salad

Main course (1 choice)

  • Mushrooms and vegetables orzo
  • Eggplants with onions and garlic cooked with tomatoes
  • Greek Orthodox diet has plenty of choices. Contact us in order to make together the menu you wish.


  • Fresh fruit platter

Wine (1 bottle per 4 persons)

  • Local white wine


Price: 55EUR per person

*Waiter, cleaning service, extra equipment included for this menu.

*Check our wine list.

*Possibility of choosing dessert which will be charged extra according to the selection you make.

Vegan Monastery Orthodox Menu